2/5/15 – Carlisle Train Station, The Undercroft

Cumbria Ghost Hunts once again held one of their Paranormal Investigations at The Undercroft in Carlisle on May 2nd. Having visited the venue twice before the team were looking forward to another interesting night when hopefully the spirits would once again come out to interact with us.

With our guests split into two groups for the evening Julie took her group upstairs to the rooms above the station entrance to investigate what used to be the old living quarters. Unfortunately it was a fairly quiet vigil with no EMF activity and sadly no knocks, bangs or taps. With this lack of activity Julie decided to use the Spiritbox. Once again this was fairly quiet but one room did get the Spiritbox coming to life with words such as leave, go, get out and even some possible swearing thrown in! Julie then took her group to the old Station Masters office and held a vigil in there but sadly there was no activity to report on.

For his first vigil Chris took his group to the Butchers shop area. They started off night in the Butchers shop itself. The vigil commenced by turning off all the equipment as its the one area which you can actually get totally pitch black with no light whatsoever penetrating the room. It was a case of in at the deep end as this turned out to be a really active vigil. To start with some members of the group got an uneasy feeling from the back of the room like they were being watched, soon after that there was a really pungent smell that filled the room and then there was the sound of movement behind the group. With the participants feeling decidly uneasy an EMF was then used to try and communicate with whatever was causing these things to happen. Sadly there was no movement on the EMF but the green glow the lights on the EMF were emitting was seen to be passed through by what can only be described as black mist on a couple of occaisions. Spirit was then asked (again) if it could do something that we could all hear and it appeared that a stone was thrown onto the floor behind the group. Chris then took his group into the cold store area of the Butchers area. The confined space with the low ceilings can make for an intimidating area. As soon as we got into the store rooms there was a big hit on the EMF meters with all the lights coming on for around 10 seconds. There continued to be significant hits on the EMF meters during this part of the vigil and we were able to confirm the butcher was with us. After activity died down we decided to do an EVP session to see if there was anyone else with us who wanted to communicate in this way. Everyone in the group asked a question and we look forward to seeing if we recorded something interesting soon! Once again we also used the Spiritbox but again this proved unsuccessful for our group.

For Julie's second vigil of the night her group visited the Butchers shop and Canteen area. Unfortunately this wasn't as active as the previous vigil with the group only encountering a distinct drop in temperature and a bang on the main door. With the butcher not seemingly wanting to interact with the group Julie led her team to the Canteen where there was a bit more activity. After several attempts at calling out the group noticed a change in atmosphere and then there was a stone thrown which couldn't be explained away logically. Although this area has seen a lot of activity in previous visits (including EMF responses to questions and even a loud repitition of three distinct bangs from an uninhabited area of the room) tonight was not going to be one of them.

Chris took his guests for his next vigil to the Boardroom and also later to the top floor of the main building. The Boardroom was the location for the inquiry into the Quintinshill Rail disaster of 1915 and as such has a distinctly eerie feel to it. During our vigil we all got a feeling that we were being watched and during the vigil a piece of of office equipment decided to switch itself off. We then moved upstairs to the top floor which used to be used as servants quarters. We spent a fair amount of time in a room that we know was once used as a childrens play room. Infact in this room we have had a ball move on its own in the past which was witnessed by around 7 people. However we were not so lucky this time. Although we could hear movement in the corridor and there was a distinct cold spot in the doorway which also triggered one of our EMF meters when it was moved towards the door.

For our last vigils of the night we took the Planchette and Tables down into the vast Undercroft area. Its one large area with around a dozen smaller rooms off to the sides, so plenty of scope for investigating. As usual the Tables took a while to get going but once again they proved to be worth their weight in gold. Those who say that Table tipping is just a 'parlour game' should really give it a try. The Planchette once again worked well, with personal messages being given to more of our guests too. So another investigation at the unique and active location that is The Undercroft came to an end just after 3am, as they say 'till the next time'.