The Undercroft – 10th January 2015

Cumbria Ghost Hunts held their second investigation into Carlisle Train Station and the Undercroft on Saturday 10th January. Would the Christmas Spirit be found to still be lingering into the New Year or would our first investigation of 2015 end up derailed, read on to find out.

The team for this investigation was Julie, Chris, Dave and Steve who bravely battled the elements on his drive up from Barrow and managed to get here with plenty of time to spare. We decided to have three groups and Steve would act as a floating medium for the night spending a Vigil with each group through the Investigation. After our walk round which believe me takes sometime (around one hour) as this is a huge venue, we set off into our first Vigils. Julie took her group down to the Tram Room and Canteen for their first Vigil. Footsteps were heard for the full length of the room, it sounded as if they were walking on wooden floorboards, now there is a Platform above but there is 6ft of solid concrete between them so this goes into the interesting box to say the least! Other than that the Tram room was fairly quiet, however there was one stone thrown on command in one of the larger arched side rooms. Our Medium Steve said that there was a lot of spirit activity around but they were very wary and not wanting to come forward. Large wooden doors were heard to bang when asking for a distinctive noise, but it was discovered that the wind wasn't strong enough to move the doors at that time despite it being blowy outside. For the second half of the vigil the group moved to the Canteen, one of the group felt her energy was being drained and was taken outside where she became ill. There was also a stone thrown in the Canteen as well as the presence of someone who liked to stand behind people and multiple strong EMF hits. Steve picked up on the spirit of a young man around 19 in a white shirt with blonde hair and a member of the group was able to relate to this description.

Dave took his group to the upper floors of the main station to start his Vigil and he took the Planchette with him. The wasn't much movement of the Planchette but the energy was better when males were using it, what energy there was led them to think the energy of a child was moving the planchette around. During the session the group also heard many noises from the long corridor but sadly no footsteps that have regularly been heard by others working there.

Chris began his first session in the old Butchers room and began by making the group turn everything off so there wasn't a single shaft of light in the room and everyone just had to rely on their basic senses, sadly nothing came of this so we turned on our EMF's and it was still quiet. The group then began to notice that a draft had started to circulate the room and was blowing across their faces, this became stronger and a member of the group was pushed and finally we had some strong EMF activity so with activity starting to build nicely I decided to hold an EVP session for a few minutes. Having played this back a few times sadly there seems to be nothing on the recording of note. During the second half of the vigil we moved to the cold store rooms and it felt as if the strong breeze we felt across our faces had moved with us but this time it was even more pronounced. We started to get random EMF hits all the way up to red but after a couple of questions asking if we should leave and having immediate strong EMF responses we decided to end the vigil.

After a brief break for some cracking food and a nice warm drink it was back to it again. Dave took his group to the Butchers shop and while in there some of the groups electrical items (Camcorders) decided to turn themselves off on their own, whilst Team Leader Dave’s managed to get going straight away one of the members of his group wasn't so lucky and had further problems. One of the Camcorders suffered a large power loss too losing 130 minutes of power in just 30 minutes. Female members of the group were also made to feel very uneasy with one of the team having their hair pulled.

Julie took her group upstairs to the top two floors of the main building. Our control room is on the second floor and Julie started off using the P-SB7 Spirit Box in there. During this session the names Alice, Adam and Annie were all picked up on by her group and there were four fairly distinct shouts of 'help' that came though as well. The group then moved to the top floor and used the Planchette in the child’s room and an energy with the name beginning with the letter K came through.

Chris took his group to the Tram room for their second vigil of the night and straight away knew he was in for a good one, as we entered the room the room just felt full of electricity (yes I know I was under the western mainline but this was different lol). The last time I felt energy like this was at Morecambe Winter Gardens, it wasn't just me who felt it, pretty much our entire group could feel the buzz so it was with some trepidation we walked down to the end room also rather worryingly called the Dementor room following an encounter there by one of the Virgin staff members. Once in there and settled we started and it was very quiet to start with but eventually we started to get some EMF hits and then one of the group started to feel a bit strange and this feeling continued to get worse to the point of the person having to be almost carried out of the room. Everyone felt uneasy in the room and even myself in that spot in the room felt different. We then had a little look through the other side rooms but decided to settle on a vigil in the old Canteen. Once settled we heard many loud bangs of wooden doors that we put down to the wind, but then we had three things in quick succession that we couldn't explain away. Firstly we had an old piece of wood presumably thrown onto the floor in the middle of the room, secondly we asked for spirit to 'copy us' a member of the group banged a table 3 times, almost instantly 3 loud bangs were heard coming from part of the room where there was absolutely no one standing and seconds after that all the EMF meters in the room (there were three) all lit up right up to red for around 5 seconds.

After another quick break the team held there final sessions, Chris took his group to the upper floor to try and make contact with the child spirits that are said to run the corridors. While we were unable to contact these spirits there were several hits on the EMF meters but nothing that we could class as paranormal. We did however have some success with Table Tipping and managed to get the table moving. A lot of people think that Table Tipping is just a parlour game and that we control the movement of the table however we always remove our fingers from the table as often as possible to let the people experience this without our input. Dave took his group to the Tram room for his final vigil of the night, there were some bangs which sadly the team believed to be caused by the wind and a couple of EMF hits but that was all and it was a typical low key end to the night. We tend to find that as the night goes on the energy levels peak around midnight – 1am and then sometimes tend to drop off as time heads towards 2-3am and sadly this was the case tonight. Julies group had a similar experience in the Butchers area, some minor taps but nothing that could come close to be described as paranormal, however the night had already thrown up several interesting occurrences and we believe that most of the group had managed to experience something that couldn't be explained!