Cumbria Ghost Hunts - 2013 Review

As 2013 slowly becomes a distant memory, Cumbria Ghost Hunts moves onto what will hopefully be another fantastic, investigation filled year. 2013 will certainly be remembered with much fondness with much to look back on so here is our review of the last year.
It all kicked off with a great investigation at Carlisles La Pergola restaurent, just the proverbial stones throw away from the Castle and an area steeped in history. We held two investigations in February one at the Helena Thompson Museum in Workington and then on a remarkably still night we ventured to Kirkbride Airfield. Once again we were impressed by the level of activity at Helena, especially in the basement which so far has always delivered something unexplainable, on the 16th we made our first (but hopefully not last) visit to Kirkbride Airfield, after much digging around we managed to find a well hidden air raid shelter and that gave us a lot of great activity with an almost endless number of knocks, taps and EMF hits in response to questions.
During March we ventured down the A595 and held an Investigation at the wonderful Millom Palladium, this old building had a feel all of it's own and it still proved more than active enough to keep us interested with a great Seance backed up with continuous EMF activity as well as a plethora of other phenomina to keep us on our toes.
April 27th saw us hold the first of many investigations at the Theatre Royal, Workington. This venue feels much like our home and we have come to love it and it seems the building is becoming more active the more we venture into its hidden depths.
May saw us hold our first weekend event with a double header of investigations at Branthwaite Camp on Friday night followed by another visit to the somewhat warmer Theatre Royal on the Saturday night, the Friday night consisted of indoor and outdoor investigations and Ghost stories round the roaring camp fire. Towards the end of the month we investigated another new venue, the Solway Aviation Museum at Carlisle Airport. A really great venue and one the team enjoyed greatly, rounded of with one of the most unique Seances the team have ever been a part of.
So, we move onto June and one of the highlights of the year. After much work behind the scenes we were able to welcome Most Haunteds Chris Conway to our investigation of the Rum Story in Whitehaven, Chris gave us an insight into his work and introduced us to a couple of new experiments on the night. We have to say it was a pleasure working with him and we hope to have him back in the not too distant future.
July saw us hold another event at Workingtons Theatre Royal, yet more activity was discovered to back up our findings from previous Investigations and help make this one of our favourite venues.
August saw our quest for for Paranormal Activity return to Carlisle with the help of Dougie Kerr and the staff of Laser Quest. This venue is actually built on a graveyard and is a well known hot bed of activity. Once again it is a venue we will be returning too, as we feel it needs investigating further.
Halloween is always a special time for CGH and once again this proved to be the case. Unfortunately team commitments did mean that we were unable to do the projected "Frightfest" as planned for at the beginning of the year, however we still held a public investigation at Workington's Theatre Royal. This proved to be one of the most active nights any of us have witnessed with the bar and basement being active areas for most of the time.
Into November and CGH had the chance to investigate one of the most famous locations in the UK for "Paranormal Activity". The team travelled down to Morecambe Winter Gardens which has been investigated by many teams including TV's Most Haunted, overall we were well impressed with the building and would love to return there at some point in the future for a more in depth look at the secrets this building holds.
On to 2014 and what does CGH have lined up, all being well at least two forrays outside of Cumbria to new locations, but don't worry they're not that far away, plus of course the more familiar local venues starting off with our first public investigation of the year at the Carnegie Theatre in Workington on Saturday 8th February.