The Cumbria Ghost Hunts team made their way down to the remote town of Millom for a private investigation on Saturday 1st February. The CGH team were asked if we could arrange an investigation of the Palladium Theatre with a few select guests and having investigated the building previously the answer was of course yes.

Arriving well before our guests we set up our CCTV system and checked over our equipment and made sure everything was fully charged and in good working order for the nights investigation, we also took the time to re acquaint ourselves with the layout of the building and do an EMF sweep to see if there were any spikes in the building that could be caused by electrical wiring, sockets or appliances that may affect our vigils later in the night.

Our guests arrived and we done our walk round. During this time an uneasy feeling was felt on the stairs leading up to the balcony and there was a big hit on our EMF meters right into the red for several seconds accompanied by an unexplained noise in one of the corners of the main hall, all mobile phones were double checked and this still remains unexplained.

One first vigil started at 21:10 and lasted through to 22:30 and was held on the main stage area. During the vigil there were numerous feelings of being watched from the wings. Unexplained lights were seen twice on the balcony area by different participants however the strangest incident happened near the end of the vigil when we all heard a scraping noise and laughter emanating from the wings.

After a break for refreshments it was time for our second vigil, this one lasted just over 90 minutes and took in both the changing rooms. As well as the familiar calling out we also used a SB-7 Spirit Box for only the second time on an investigation. While this is a new piece of kit for us, so far we have had some interesting results and feedback from our participants in very positive and we will continue to use this on future events, there was certainly something trying to communicate with us in the Female changing rooms and this is currently being investigated further. Also during this vigil there were plenty of knocks to command and very obvious footsteps from the corridor outside. The Male changing rooms were a lot quieter during our time in there, there was certainly a few knocks and bangs but these were just at random intervals and we all agreed, unfortunately not paranormal activity.

After some much need warm refreshments (it was a bitterly cold night) our small group split into two groups, we held a small but througherly entertaining Plancette session in the Female changing rooms and a vigil in the props room, unfortunately there was nothing of note in the props room that could be classed as paranormal. Finally some of the guests went up to the balcony but as time was moving on, the activity levels had dropped off and we felt it was time to call it a night.

Once again the Millom Palladium provided us with an entertaining evening with several stand out moments from the nights investigating and we hope to return again in the not too distant future.