Carnegie Theatre, Workington – 8-2-14

The Cumbria Ghost Hunts team made their way to Workington for our first investigation of the famous Carnegie Theatre. The Carnegie is one of Workington's best known buildings and one we have wanted to investigate for some time so we were delighted when this finally came to fruition thanks to Sharon Conway.

Before we start on the nights findings I would like to thank Kaylee Clark for providing us with some much needed and delicous cake from her new shop the Purple Cherry Coffee Shop based in Workington, needless to say there wasn't any left come the end of the night!

As usual we conducted a walk round to get aquainted with the layout of the building and to do an EMF sweep of the various areas. The building had no obvious EMF hotspots on our walkround though we did feel uneasy in the main Theatre, dressing rooms and surrounding corridors. We set up CCTV cameras covering the main stage, balcony and adjoining bar areas.

We set off in three groups for the first vigils, Steve led a group upto the multiple dressing room areas and corridors and had a quiet first vigil though he was able to pick up the spirits of two people, one was a fairly negitive person who left an aroma of alcohol that people could actually smell and the other was of an actor who played the parts of a Dame during panto and came across as very feminine and somewhat camp.

Chris and Julie led another group to the main Theatre and stage area. They started off in the main seating area and got consistant if somewhat weak responses to questions through the EMF meters, we believe this was the spirit of an actress from around the 1920's & 1930's. Although the EMF responses were weak she was able to produce a significant cold breeze which many of the group members were able to feel. The group then moved to the balcony where stronger EMF readings were achieved in response to questions (orange light). Finally the group moved to the stage area where after hearing noises in a corner on multiple occaisions a object was either thrown or fell in the same area, however there were no EMF hits during our time on the stage although everyone felt as though we were being watched from various areas of the stage and I personally believe I saw a shadow move through the dots of my laser pen in the wings of the stage.

Our V.I.P's for the night asked to be without a team leader, and as they are trusted regulars of our group we decided to let them loose on their own. They elected to start in the Dance rooms and Art studio and Cafe area and had an eventful first vigil. They experienced shadows moving in the cafe area and also had knocking sounds to request. Unusually the air vents to rooms had high EMF readings that were totally unexplainable. Also during their vigil they held a spirit box session and during this voices were heard but they were unable to pick out what was being said. They then split up into 2 x 2's and went into different rooms, both pairs then heard the sound of a piano being played at the same time, however this is where it gets interesting, the girls heard it through the Spirit Box while the boys also heard the same thing they were not within earshot of the Spirit Box.

So it was time for a break and some of that lovely cake.

The second round of Vigils commenced with Chris working with Steve in the main Theatre, on this Vigil a spirit by the name of John was present and was showing Steve cuttings of all his past performances during his time there in the 1930's. He was also able to communicate through EMF meters though once again these were fairly weak, but consistant (second green light). Also during this time we were able to hear several footsteps across the stage and on the staircase moving up to the balcony.

Julie took another group to the Art and Dance rooms and held a Spirit Box session. In one of the clearest voices she has ever heard everyone was able to make out the name “Scotty”. Scotty was able to tell the group he was an eight year old boy and he was able to play with the EMF meter too taking it all the way up to the red light.

Our third group held their next Vigil in the Dressing rooms and Green room. The Green room turned out to be very active with the group hearing footsteps along the corridoor outside when nobody was there. Also there were shadows moving past the door at regular intervals. There was also the feeling of something stopping them from trying to get too close to the safe in the room making them feel as if they should try to leave the room. They too also held another Spirit Box session and got told they were “silly, very silly” and finished off by saying “thank you”

After our final break it was back to the investigations. Steve took a group for a very active Planchette session in the Art and Dance rooms while Julie and Chris ventured into the dressing rooms which turned out to be a very quiet session. The final group went into the stage area and again picked up the spirit of Scotty who gave the group a fantastic session, making footsteps across the stage as well as putting a seat down to command (F13)! Also one of our temperature gauges went ballistic showing a temperature of 1000 degrees leading the group to ask if there had been a fire in the building at some time to which they received 2 knocks as a reply, which was for yes!

We have to say that this was a great investigation and will certainly be looking into several parts and names that have been put forward as well as looking into the report of a fire in the buildings history. It certainly is a very interesting building and definitely deserves further Investigations in the future.