Saturday 15th March – Carlisle Masonic Hall

Cumbria Ghost Hunts had the priviledge of being the first team to do a full on Paranormal Investigation into this wonderful building, arriving at 7:30pm and not leaving till 4am the team spent 8.5 hours in the heart of this Masonic Hall. The building itself dates back to 1870 and is built in the traditional Victorian style, The first owner was an Edward Sheldon of Cowan & Sheldon fame (who at the time were world leaders in rail and dock cranemaking) this was spring of 1881 after he moved from Bolton Place, Rickergate. In 1884 Edward sadly died and ownership was passed onto his sister Mrs A Evert. Nothing exists about the location until a Miss A.M Fiddler ran the De Bear school at the address in 1925. Records dating from 1929 show the Gregg School being resident here until 1934 when it became the Masonic Hall. The Freemasons extended the building in 1934 to become the building we know today.

We decided to split the location into two areas, quite simply the older and newer sections as they are well split with no sound contamination from the other group noticable during our vigils.

Lead investigator Dave took his group to the old area of the building for the first vigil and had a remarkably good session using EMF responses to signal yes / no answers to questions on command in the secondary Chamber. He was able to find out he was communicating with the spirit of a Male, aged between 40-45, who was a soldier that died during WWII. He was married and had died before his wife. EMF responses were really strong to the questions up to red on the groups EMF meters at some points. The spirit took a liking to one of our female guests and she was able to feel him touching her hair and blowing on her cheek.

Chris and Julie headed with their group to the newer area of the building and started off with a vigil in the main chamber, in complete contrast with the other group there was no activity on our EMF meters at all, however this doesn't mean in was a quiet vigil, infact there were numerous footsteps heard from both inside the room and outside as well as whistling on a number of occaisions that couldn't be explained. After around an hour in the chamber we moved to stairs outside the room and had the most bizarre experience. The group was just waiting asking for spirit to give us a sign a knock /bang etc when there were around 6 or 7 loud bangs continuously one after another as if you had the “postman from hell” wanting in. Totally bizarre and totally unexplainable.

After a break for some well earned refreshments Chris took his group to the older area of the building. In the secondary chamber there was a lot of EMF activity and also the feelings of being watched. Although there seemed to be the odd reply to questions on command it was more of a continuos high level of EMF that was unexplainable rather than a spirit presence on this occaision. We also had a vigil in one of the rooms at the top of the building. There had been reports in the past by visiting mediums that there was the presence of an angry man called George on the upper floor, during our vigil there was a lot of high level EMF in the room up to red several times. There were no distinct answers to yes / no questions, but there were several cold spots and there was a slow build up of the EMF which seemed to have a level of control about it at times.

Dave and Julie investigated the newer area of the building and had similar experiences to the first group, footsteps and knocks were heard during the vigil. They also used a Spirit Box during the session and several words were heard including one of the participants names as well as being told to get out! After more refreshments our guests were given free reign of what they wished to do for the final session of the night. A spirit board session was held in the bar area, while the Spirit Box made its way back into the older area whilst another vigil was held in further rooms in the old section of the building.

The Masonic Hall is a fantastic building and full of character, there are certain rooms which have a nice warm friendly feeling and other that are particuarly cold and intimidating. It should also be noted the building is massive and although we spent several hours investigating we still didn't get to all of it. This is certainly a venue we will be returning to and one we all enjoyed investigating.

Photos top to bottom - Our group of investigators for the night; High EMF activity on the top floor; Conveiniently located dust orbs and finally the main chamber.