Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Ghost Train & Horror Bar

Cumbria Ghost Hunts had the rare opportunity to hold a Paranormal Investigation at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We were offered the Ghost Train and the Horror Bar areas of the park in what turned out to be their busiest day of the year so far, this did mean that the start of the Investigation was delayed slightly but the extra energy around certainly seemed to liven up the spirits!

The first location to be investigated was the Ghost Train, the ride was divided into 4 sections and we were allowed just over two hours to see what we could discover in this old attraction. The ride is of course famous for being the home of Cloggy and we didn't have to wait long before he started to make his presence felt among the group. The two hours seemed to fly by all too quickly as all sorts of activity was had during the session. We had conversations using EMF meters, controlled EMF hits to various levels, one of the best spirit box sessions we have ever witnessed including names, spine tingling screams and even a “help me”! One of our participants also had the feeling of being strangled and had to leave the ride. We even had a piece of pipe come loose when we were asking for something clear that we could all see although none of us saw it come loose being a hydraulic pipe we all heard it hissing.

For the second part of the investigation we were shown into the aptly named and decorated Horror Bar. After a little while things quietend down and we were able to start investigating. We decided to use the area for Table Tipping and Planchette work. Both activities got good responses in the Horror Bar and during the sessions there were some very big EMF hits on our equipment some randomly as well as in response to questions pretty much on command.

We are very grateful to all the staff that helped us during the night and would like to thank them for giving us the chance to spend the night investigating these two unique parts of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Hopefully we will return!